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(Clause 11(5) of Plant Quarantine (Regulation of Import into India) Order,2003)

From: __________________             To _____________________

            __________________                   _____________________

           __________________                    _____________________


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I/We, M/s_____________________________________________________ furnish the following undertaking in respect of a consignment of ________________________________ to be imported vide Import Permit No._____________________________ dated_________________ through _____________________________ to grow in an approved post-entry quarantine facility under the supervision of Inspection Authority (IA)/officer duly authorised by the Plant Protection Adviser to the Govt. of India (PPA)  I/ We also undertake:

       that I/we shall grow the entire consignment of Imported plant material (as described above) in an approved post-entry quarantine facility/isolated nursery located at the village ______________________________________ of taluk _______________________ of Dist. _________________________ of ___________________ State.

2.       to intimate the IA/Plant Quarantine about the date of sowing/planting of seeds/ propagating plant material, percentage of germination, seedling mortality and plant protection measures if any adopted etc., within one month of sowing/planting and thereafter at regular intervals.

3.       to provide all the facilities to IA/officers of Plant Quarantine for undertaking post-entry quarantine inspection of seedlings/plants

4.       to maintain the nursery records/registers relating to the receipt of seed/plant material, germination/planting records, plant protection measures undertaken etc., and produce the same before inspecting team for necessary scrutiny.

5.       to undertake necessary plant protection measures as advised by the inspecting team from time to time.

6.       not to give/donate/distribute any part of the consignment without the written clearance from the IA/Plant Protection Adviser to the Govt. of India or officer duly authorised by him in this behalf.

7.       to abide by the decision of IA/officers of Plant Quarantine to destroy whole or part of consignment or any seedlings/plant material, found infected/infested or contaminated by a quarantine pest/pathogen, in an appropriate manner for decontamination of tools and garden equipment, soil etc., thereof on emergency basis.

8.       to bear the cost of destruction of affected plant material under the supervision of IA/officers of Plant Quarantine.

9.       to maintain basic inspection tools like hand lens, field lens or illuminated magnifier, surgical spirit, dissection box, absorbent cotton, screw caped glass vials, labels etc., for the purpose of carrying out inspection.

10.     to abide by decision of IA / Officer of the Plant Quarantine about destruction etc.

11.     Not to lie any liability with IA/officers of Plant Quarantine towards loss/damage caused to any plant material/destruction of the same in the event of infection/infestation by a Quarantine pest/pathogen.

12.     to abide by  The Destructive Insects and Pests Act, 1914 (2 of 1914) and Plant Quarantine Order (Regulation of Import into
India) Order, 2003.





( Name & Signature Importer/Agent      )         

N.B.: The Importer/Agent is required to submit the above undertaking in Duplicate, the duplicate copy which will be forwarded to respective Inspection Authority (IA).