Wood Packing material means “wood or wood products (excluding paper products) used in supporting, protecting or carrying a commodity (includes ‘Dunnage’)


Dunnage means “ wood packing material used to secure or support a commodity but which does not remain associated with the commodity (FAO-ISPM-15)”


In order to prevent movement of pests associated with the packing materials the import of consignments packed in packing materials is regulated by PQ Order, 2003 as specified in clause 3(20A) all packing materials shall be permitted only after appropriate treatment.  The treatment include heat kiln at 56oC for 30 minutes or equivalent thereof or Methyl bromide fumigation at 48gm/M3 for 16 hours at 21oC and above or chemical impregnation of wood or any other approved treatment as per international standard and the treatment to be endorsed in the Phytosanitary certificate and for articles packed with hay and straw the conditions are as specified in 3(20b)  no article packed with hay or straw shall be allowed import unless it is appropriately treated prior to export.  The treatment shall include methyl bromide fumigation @ 48 gm/m3 for 24 hrs at NAP at 21oC or above or equivalent thereof; or steam sterilization under pressure (120oC) for 15 min; or any other treatment approved by the Plant Protection Adviser and a treatment certificate shall accompany the article.


The articles packed with packing materials shall not be released by the Customs Officers unless the packing material appropriately treated and the same is marked on the packing material as per FAO-ISPM-15 https://www.ippc.int/servlet/BinaryDownloaderServlet/ISPM_15_English.pdf?filename=1055161712885_ISPM15_e.pdf or consignment is accompanied by a Phytosanitary certificate in respect of the said packing material with endorsement of the treatment in the Phytosanitary Certificate.  In the absence treatment marking on the packing material or Phytosanitary Certificate for the packing material the Custom shall refer the material for Plant Quarantine Inspection.  The PQ staff shall inspect the packing material and if required subject the packing material to treatment at the expense of the importer and then accord plant quarantine clearance.


The above conditions shall not be applicable to wood packing materials wholly made of processed wood process such as plywood, particle board, oriental strand board or veneer that have been created using glue, heat and pressure or combination thereof.  Also the above conditions are not applicable to wood packing materials such as veneer peeler cores, saw dust, wood wool and shaving and thin wood pieces (less than 6mm thickness) unless they are found to be harboring any regulated pests specified in the Plant Quarantine Order, 2003.


Further the above conditions shall not be applicable to wood packing materials used for packaging of bonafide passenger baggage containing goods other than plants and plant products.


The conditions are applicable to wood packing materials shipped on or after 1st November, 2004.


The conditions specified in Clause 3, sub-clauses 21 and 22 of PQ Order, 2003 published vide S.O.No. 1322(E) dated 18th November, 2003 shall be omitted from 31st May 2004.